Financial Aid for Dual Credit Students

Although Dual Credit students do not qualify for federal and state financial aid, San Jacinto College offers assistance to eligible through the Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG).

If your high school does not pay the 25% of the cost that is not waived by San Jac and you have financial need,  we encourage you to submit a TPEG application.

Eligibility Requirements

All of the following must be met in order to receive consideration for Texas Public Education Grant funds. 

  1. Meet program requirements. Please check with the Dual Credit Office for more information. 
  2. Be in compliance with the SJC Academic Requirements for Receiving Financial Aid

Application Procedure

  1. Complete this grant application: 2022-2023 TPEG Dual Credit Fund Application
  2. Complete the 2022‐2023 Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA): 2022-2023 TASFA Application for Dual Credit Students
  3. Collect copies of 2020 W‐2s and tax transcripts for yourself and your parent(s). 
    • If tax returns were not filed, please submit a copy of 2020 W‐2s or, if a 2020 W‐2 was not received, please report wages on Question 58 and Question 64 of the TASFA. 
  4. Register for classes with the Dual Credit Office to ensure that dual credit exemptions will be posted to your account. 
  5. Return the grant application, income documents, and the TASFA to the Financial Aid Office before the priority deadline. 



*If you miss a priority deadline, we will still process your application. However, you might have to pay for your registration cost upfront.