AIT Labs

Artificial Intelligence Technology (AIT)

San Jacinto College AIT Labs are strategic partners of the College’s STEM Council that offer hands-on experiences for undergraduate students by providing mathematical and scientific motivation to enhance technical skills in areas such as programming, design and artificial intelligence. Through support such as grants, fundraising, and care of the College, institutional organizations work collaboratively with K-12 schools, institutes of higher education, industry partners, and government agencies to create meaningful opportunities throughout the local and scientific communities and help build a more confident workforce directly through the AIT Labs. By providing resources for mathematics and engineering classes, the Labs help San Jacinto College strengthen its STEM programs and districtwide collaborative projects and community outreach.

Services offered through the AIT Labs:  

  • 3D printing student designs
  • Providing materials programs for the development of robots
  • Build robots and quadcopters
  • Tutoring
    • Mathematics (Algebra to Calculus 3)
    • Chemistry 1 – 2
    • Computer Programming
    • English 1 - 2
  • A place for students in STEM courses to meet and study
  • Public computers for research

Examples of projects developed at the AIT Labs:

  • NASA Swarmathon
  • First Tech Challenge
  • TSGC Design Challenge
  • Stratasys Extreme Redesign entry
  • Virtual Reality
  • Honors Research
  • Past microgravity research
  • Robotics Development
  • Gaming Development

Sponsors and Collaborators

  • BSC Cyber Center
  • UHCL Center for Robotics Software
  • Aerospace Academy at NASA
  • National Science Foundation
  • Sheer Industries

Locations of AIT Labs

South Campus: AIT Computer Security Lab

San Jacinto College South Campus
Longenecker Bldg., room S8.1088
13735 Beamer Road, Houston, TX

North Campus: AIT Robotics Lab

San Jacinto College North Campus
Spencer Bldg., room N8.206
5800 Uvalde Road, Houston, TX  

Central Campus: AIT Lab

San Jacinto College Central Campus
Frels Bldg., room C20-267
8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, TX


  • South Campus

Jim Meeks:

Pam Betts:

  • Central Campus

Sharon Sledge:

Cheryl Mott:   

Norm Liebling:

  • North Campus

Nate Wiggins: