Maintaining Your Visa

International Students

How to Remain in the U.S.

The last thing you want is to have your studies interrupted by an immigration issue. Don't worry. This won't happen as long as you're careful about maintaining your F-1 Student Visa status. Remember, the date on the I-94 card in your passport isn't a departure date; you just need to enter the U.S. by that date. You can remain here as long as you maintain your F-1 status, which is indicated on your I-94 card as D/S or Duration of Status. Here's how you maintain that status:

Be a full-time student.

You must complete a full course load every fall and spring semester - which is 12 credit hours each term. You are not required to register for summer sessions, unless you are coming here for the first time for summer school. If you need to drop a class and fall below full-time status, it's very important that you contact your International Student Services for further assistance.

Get authorization for employment or training.

F-1 visa students are eligible for on-campus, part-time employment, which are limited to 19.5 hours per week. You may visit the International Student Services and/or Career Services for more information.

Keep your documents current and with you.

Your passport must have at least six months of validity from your date of enrollment. You must keep copies of your passport, I-94 card, and I-20 form with you everywhere you go in the Houston area. Keep the originals with you if you travel outside the Houston area. Be sure to apply for an extension on your I-20 at least 30 days before it expires. If you move, you must report your new address to International Student Services as soon as possible.  If you plan to travel temporarily outside the U.S., you must get a travel endorsement on your I-20.

Keep your school records current.

You should only attend the school listed on your I-20. If you would like to transfer to or from San Jac, you need to obtain approval on a new I-20 within 15 days of the start of classes at the new school. If you would like to concurrently enroll, you need to obtain a concurrent letter from your current institution. You may review additional concurrent admissions documents by visiting Concurrently Enrolled at Another College.  The International Student Services team can help you with all of this. You also need to obtain a new I-20 if you change degree levels, such as going from an associate to bachelor's.

Plan for the future.

Once you complete your degree or optional practical training, you have a 60 day grace period to decide on your plans for the following semester. You can transfer to another institution or return to your home country. You can also change your Visa status.

Stay in touch with International Student Services.

Your international educational planner/counselor's job is to help you keep your F-1 status valid with the U.S. government, so you can keep your educational goals on track. You must report any changes to your international educational planner/counselor to avoid unintended violations. If you fall out of status, you should apply for reinstatement within five months.

Please call 281-998-6150 if you have questions or need help.