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San Jacinto College AppSan Jacinto College App
San Jacinto College's main app providing a wide array of information and tools including: class schedule, grades, events, directory, emergency numbers, campus maps, SOS login and more. Future offerings scheduled for financial aid and more.

IOS (Apple)


safety center app iconSafety Center App
Safety Center is a cloud-based mobile safety platform that gets emergency plans out of binders and into the hands of the people who need it. This app will allow you to access College recommended emergency response procedure quickly and efficiently. Safety Center also puts the appropriate contact information for campus emergencies at your fingertips.
Please read and follow the instructions to download and access the app.

Install Instructions | Android | IOS (Apple)


wooden pencil on blue backgroundBlackboard App
The Blackboard app is a mobile solution to help students stay informed, up-to-date and connected with the classes.
Download through the appropriate link below or search for "blackboard" in the app store of your device.

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