Brand Standards

The San Jacinto College Brand

This guide is designed to help maintain a consistent brand for San Jacinto College. So what is a brand? A brand is much more than just a logo. A brand is an organization’s DNA – what it stands for and ultimately what makes it unique. For San Jacinto College, our brand is about empowering people to reach their goals. A brand is visualized through all its communication pieces – no matter whether it’s a television ad, a sign on campus, or even an internal memo. Everything we produce says something about who we are. Therefore it’s important that all these things – from our logo to the fonts we use – always be strong, positive, and most importantly, consistent.

What are Graphic Standards and Why They are Important

Graphic standards provide tips, policies, and procedures for achieving a high quality and consistent look in all of San Jacinto College’s branding materials such as publications and advertising. San Jacinto College’s graphic standards include things like rules for how to use the College’s different logos, fonts, and colors, as well as rules to maintain common design features for things like Web pages, flyers, posters, and ads.

The graphic standards are important because graphics are ultimately how people visualize our brand.

Our graphics represent everything we’re about and everything that makes us unique. Having strong, positive, and consistent graphics are vital to attracting students and faculty.

Maintaining Style Standards and Consistency

Consistency is the cornerstone of effectively branding San Jacinto College. In order to increase name recognition, the names and terms associated with the College should be used in the same way in all forms of communication. All College publications, including their editorial content and design, must conform to the policies and standards described in this document. To maintain this consistency, we ask that all communications materials, including those listed above, be reviewed by the Marketing, Public Relations, and Government Affairs Department before being circulated.