Central Campus Organizations

Student Organizations

Spanish Club

Description: The Spanish Cultural Club is about meeting to learn about Hispanic Cultures and the Spanish language in the US and in the world through student and/or faculty led activities.

Advisors: Yesenia Chavez

Email: yesenia.chavez@sjcd.edu


Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Description: National Honors Society that will promote scholarships, the development of leadership and service, and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students.

Contact: SanJacSea@sjcd.edu



Raven Scholars

Description: The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and encourage scholarship, leadership. Service and creativity.

Advisors: Dillon Miller

Email: Dillon.Miller@sjcd.edu


Alpha Beta Gamma - Freshman

Description: To participate in professional activities related radiologic technology.

Advisors: Cindra Daniels, Phyllis Hooi

Email: cindra.daniels@sjcd.eduphyllis.hooi@sjcd.edu


Alpha Beta Gamma - Sophomores

Description: To participate in professional activities related radiologic technology.

Advisors: Cindra Daniels, Phyllis Hooi

Email: cindra.daniels@sjcd.eduphyllis.hooi@sjcd.edu



American Society of Interior Designers

Description: To enlarge the student’s understanding of the present and future scope of interior design practice.




Audio Engineering


Advisors: Angela Beyer

Email: angela.beyer@sjcd.edu


Delta Rho Kappa-SNA

Description: Provide an association through which business pertaining to the students of the Associate Degree Nursing (AND) department of San Jacinto College Central may be transacted.

Advisors: Edward Nichols, Maria Miranda, Susanne Benish-Tolley


Eye- Cons

Description: Provide the community information on the health of their vision.

Advisors: Laura Cole, Debra Clarke

Email: laura.cole@sjcd.edudebra.clarke@sjcd.edu


International Society of Automation

Description: This organization is for students to meet to discuss future events and projections in the Automation field as well as travel to industry shows and meet industry partners. 

Advisors: Joseph Zwiercan

Email: Joseph.Zwiercan@sjcd.edu


Mu Lambda Theta

Description: To participate in professional activities related to the field of Medical Laboratory Technology and promote a better understanding of Medical Laboratory Technology.

Advisors: Tina Fontenot, Lindsey Everette

Email: tina.fontenot@sjcd.edulindsey.everette@sjcd.edu



Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

Description: National organization for students who have an interest in business.

Advisors: Helen LaCour, Sherilyn Reynolds

Email: Helen.lacour@sjcd.edusherilyn.reynolds@sjcd.edu



Process Technology Club

Description: The purpose of the Process Technology Club is to provide the tools, knowledge, and resources to its members in order to help them increase their potential of finding a career in the Process Technology industry.

Advisors: Kevin Adams

Email: kevin.adams@sjcd.edu


Students of Safety (SOS)

Description: To promote the advancement of the safety profession and safety education, and to foster the professional well-being and development of its members within the campus and community.





Texas State Teacher Association- Aspiring Educators 

Description: Provide opportunities for gaining and understanding of the history, ethics and programs of the education profession.
Advisors: Tammi Rice

Email: tammi.rice@sjcd.edu


San Jac Central BSM

Description: The purpose of the BSM is to provide a ministry to persons of the San Jacinto College community.

Advisors: Jeff Jackson; Miguel Reyes

Email: jeff.jackson@sjcd.eduMiguel.Reyes@sagemontchurch.org

Instagram: @SJCBSM — Follow to learn more information.

Anime Society

Description: Serves as the gathering point for all of those interested in the trends and culture included in and regarded as a portion of the Japanese Anime Community.

Advisor: Elizabeth Garcia

Email: elizabeth.garcia@sjcd.edu


San Jac 1st Gen

Description: To promote the confidence of first generation college students so that they can persist in and complete college.

Advisors: Amy Axtell, Rene Leija

Email: amy.axtell@sjcd.edurene.leija@sjcd.edu



San Jacinto College Central Steel Band

Description: The purpose of SJCC Steel Band is to provide Calypso, Trinidadian, and other Cultural Music.

Advisors: Michael Mizma, Angela Beyer

Email: michael.mizma@sjcd.eduangela.beyer@sjcd.edu



San Jacinto College Choir Club

Description: To promote unity within and between the choral ensembles at San Jacinto College.

Advisors: Sarah Spencer

Email: sarah.spencer@sjcd.edu



Science Society

Description: The Science Society is a fun, social environment where like-minded science enthusiast can connect and find opportunities to build knowledge and experience in the STEM field.

Advisors: Mindy Murray

Email: mindy.murray@sjcd.edu



Student Government Association (SGA)

Description: Liaison between student body and college administration. Also a programming board.

Contact: SanJacSEA@sjcd.edu



Webb Historical Society

Description: Preserve historical data whether it be through word of mouth or documentation, locally as well as generally.

Advisors: Joseph Stromberg

Email: joseph.stromberg@sjcd.edu