Are You Undecided on Your Career Pathway?

Why take an assessment?

Online assessment tools can be an excellent resource to help guide you toward making an informed decision about your academic and career pathway using their evaluation results and information!

San Jacinto College offers two online assessments to aid in your career exploration: Focus 2 and Tru Talent (formerly known as AchieveWORKS) at no charge to you!

FOCUS 2 CAREER - A Career, Major and Education Planning System

FOCUS 2 is a self-paced career guidance assessment designed to help you select the right major, by identifying your career goals through an evaluation of your work interests, personality, skills, values, and leisure interests, as well as provide you with valuable occupational information based on your results.

San Jac Alumni/Community Members/Faculty & Staff:

Step-by-Step Focus 2 Guide


TruTalent formerly known as AchieveWORKS assessments, when used with one another, can provide students with a comprehensive foundation of self-awareness. In TruTalent, there are two assessment tools that can be used with students to help them establish a solid understanding of their unique strengths and interests, connect their career and educational plans, and create strategies to help them find more satisfaction and success in life.

TruTalent Student User Guide