Have Your Future Translate to Success

Today, working for a company or organization often means going to work in the global marketplace. People around the world are more connected than ever as we engage in international trade, worldwide government interaction and global outreach. The people who can help us make these connections – people who have mastered more than one language – are in high demand. Mastery of a foreign language often gives you an advantage over other job candidates, and many positions demand this skill set.


Open the Door to Multiple Opportunities

Today is a great time to study a foreign language, and you can learn the world’s most prevalent languages at San Jacinto College. Our associate’s degree program will teach you to read, write and communicate in Spanish, French, German or Chinese. Learn one or more of these languages and you will be better prepared for an exciting life in the international business, education, government or nonprofit sectors.


Earning Potential

  • Interpreter/translator: $49,597*
  • Foreign language instructor (secondary): $59,750*
  • Foreign language instructor (post-secondary): $61,763*

*Source: www.TexasWages.com, median annual salary, gulf coast region, 2020



Modern Languages Department - Central Campus


Hispanic Cultural Club - Central Campus

Join Today!
Meetings Every Other Wednesday!
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Be enrolled at San Jacinto College in any campus
Tentative Activities:
  • Learn about the Hispanic culture, its people, Hispanic events, celebrations, food, music, arts, etc.
  • Planning presentations/events for the college and the community
  • Discuss and experience culture through art, music, food, reading, media, power point presentations, Mexican lotería, guest speakers, Spanish Karaoke, etc.
  • Other activities as desired by the club members
Contact Information

Professor Yesenia Chavez

Professor Luis Reyes

281-998-6150  ext. 1759