CPD Payment Information


To complete registration for a course, payment must be made at the time of class selection, regardless of method of enrollment. Non-payment will result in an automatic withdrawal from the selected class(es). The College accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and web checks. Debit cards without a Visa or Mastercard logo are accepted for in-person payment only. Payment may be made in person at the campus Business Office, or online at www.sanjac.edu by accessing the SOS system through the “My SanJac” link. To Register: North, Central, or South Campus call: 281-542-2020.

Student Web Payment Process

Prior to access to the SOS Login screen, you must be admitted and/or registered for your class(es).

  • Access the San Jacinto college web site at www.sanjac.edu and go to the SOS Login located under the “My SanJac” link.
  • First enter your User ID# (Student ID number G00XXXXXX)
  • New student: If you have never claimed your account or set up a password for SOS, please click the highlighted text to claim your account. If you need assistance retrieving your login information, please contact Tech Support at 281-998-6137.
  • Current student: You will need your student ID (G00XXXXXX” and your password to access SOS.

To Make a Payment on a Student Account:

Step 1. Select My Student Records, Registration and Financial Aid

Step 2. Select My Registration

Step 3. Select Step 6: review your change and make a payment.

Step 4. Select a Term. Please make sure to choose a Continuing Education term then submit to process. Example: if your class starts between Mar 2012 and May 2012, you would choose Continuing Ed 2011-12 Mar-May. If your class starts between Mar 2012 and May 2012, you would choose Continuing Ed 2011-12 Jun-Aug.)

Step 5. Select Student Account Suite (another webpage will open after selecting this option) - CPD Students must make payment at the time of registration - You can view the Refund Policy from this screen. - Classes at least four weeks in length are eligible for a Convenient Payment Plan (CPP). Payment plans can be set up by selecting this payment option and entering your information by following the directions given.

Step 6. Select Make a Payment

Step 7: Select Pay (please verify the class fees before Pay)

Step 8: Select Payment Method then Select Go button

Step 9: Process Payment according to online directions. Please verify that all of your information is correct before you submit your payment.

Once processed, please print out the confirmation page for your records. If you should have any problems or questions, please contact your Continuing & Professional Development registration office or the campus business office.

Convenient Payment Plan (CPP)

Convenient Payment Plans are available to Continuing & Professional Development (CPD) students under the following guidelines:

1. The length of the Course Section must be a minimum of 30 calendar days.

2. Two plans are available: one for classes four to seven weeks in length; the other for classes 8-16 weeks in length. There will be a $25 setup fee for the CPP payable with the first payment.

3. For a four to seven week class, the student will pay 50 percent plus the $25 set-up fee for the initial payment. One installment payment for the remaining 50 percent balance is due 30 days after the set-up date for the CPP.

4. For an 8-16 week class, the student will pay 50 percent plus the $25 set-up fee on the first payment; the first of two installment payments (each 25 percent of the remaining balance) is due 30 days after the set-up date. The second, final installment payment is due 60 days after the set-up date. The student will be assessed a $25 late payment fee for failure to pay on or before the prescribed payment due dates.

5. A student will be limited to only one CPP during the same term.