ESL - English as a Second Language

Conversational English as a Second Language Course Information

Each level is taught as one course. Each course is taught for two hours per day (Monday-Thursday), four days per week, for four weeks. Each course is $175. 

Prospective students must take a free assessment prior to enrolling in the ESL program, so that they are enrolled in the level best for them. 

For more information, please contact the CPD Registration Office at (281) 542-2020. Se habla español. 



Level 1 - Beginning A

This course focuses on high frequency vocabulary, basic sight words, phonics, and refining oral and written skills.

Level 2 - Beginning B

This level covers basic reading, writing and practicing speaking.



Level 3 - Intermediate A

Students will learn to match vocabulary words with their respective definitions when terms and definitions are presented in writing. Students will learn to select the correct meaning of a word based on the context of the word; give examples of the pronunciation, meaning and part of speech of vocabulary words. 

Level 4 - Intermediate B

In this level will provide the student with skills to summarize the main idea in writing.  



Level 5 - High Intermediate A

This level students focus on their improvement in reading and vocabulary/comprehension skills, as well as speaking, writing, and listening skills for job or academic success.  

Level 6 - High Intermediate B

The emphasis is on recognition and comprehension of idioms, analogies, antonyms and synonyms, and context clues.  The interpretation of factual material and opinions associated with job-related and daily life communications is the focus of this course.  



Level 7 - Advanced A

In this course students focus on comprehending challenging materials for the workplace or for academic success.  Students learn the skills to determine meaning from written text, identify word forms and variation in meaning, synonyms and antonyms, context clues, connotation and denotation and fact and opinion.  

Level 8 - Advanced B

This course is designed for the students to focus on comprehending challenging materials, texts, or practical discussions for fluency in the English language.