About EnergyVenture Camp


About EnergyVenture


What is EnergyVenture Camp?

EnergyVenture: Filling the Energy Workforce Pipeline

EnergyVenture, a summer camp for youth which is focused on the energy industry and the career opportunities it holds.

The camp is a scalable, sustainable program and can be replicated efficiently helping to fill the pipeline of future workers. Through a host of activities, the camp exposes middle school aged students to the variety of career opportunities in the energy industry.

The program is designed for young people to learn while having fun. They perform lab experiments, win prizes for “best in class” team efforts, take a “behind the scenes” tour of an energy-related production facility and hear from guest speakers currently working in the field. The likelihood of these individuals staying in the Gulf Coast region to meet the future employment demands due to growth in the industry and retirement of current workers is greater if they know they have good employment choices in the region.

The program has a unique component for its participants. The EnergyVenture students aren’t attending camp just once – Energy Venture’s goal is to bring them back in February for an annual reunion and keep them moving forward in the program each winter until they’re ready to interview for a job in the energy industry. It’s not a one-time summer camp experience – the program is fostering students along a career path to the Gulf Coast’s energy industry.

Major sponsor  LyondellBasell along with other companies provide scholarships for students to attend the camp.