Faculty Handbook

San Jacinto College is an equal opportunity institution. Details regarding this can be found at the Equal Opportunity Institution | San Jacinto College


The purpose of the Faculty Handbook is to describe/outline the administrative policies and procedures of the College. The College made reasonable efforts to cover all important matters and to ensure that the contents are accurate. In the event that areas of policy are omitted or are not stated clearly, or if ambiguities or inconsistencies exist, users may contact the head of the Deans' Council, Van Wigginton, Provost.

The College reserves the right to amend or alter the conditions and terms contained in this Handbook as it deems necessary. The College will attempt to give notice of changes of information, policy, and procedure to faculty members and administrative personnel. 

The Faculty Handbook is intended to reflect any policies or rules of the Board of Trustees of San Jacinto College. Users are cautioned that changes or additions to such policies or procedures may have become effective since their last review of this Handbook. In the event of such a conflict, the current statements of Board policy contained in the official minutes, bylaws, and guidelines shall prevail. 

The College will review this Handbook yearly and revise it as needed to reflect policy or procedure updates. The revision process will include consultation with the Chancellor, President, Provosts, Deans, the leadership of San Jacinto College, and faculty.