Police Department Ticket Appeal Form

Ticket Appeal Information and Instructions

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  • Please allow 3-5 days from the date you turn in your appeal before calling the campus police office at 281-476-1820. Campus police will not call you to inform you of the outcome.
  • You may only appeal a ticket within 10 school days from the date the ticket was issued.
  • Campus police will forward your appeal to the dean of student development. This office reviews ticket appeals and makes all appeal decisions, not the campus police office or any employees of the campus police.
  • A dismissed ticket is voided completely.
  • A probated ticket is voided until the student receives another ticket for the same offense. (Ex: Parking in staff charge of $15 is probated and the student receives another ticket for parking in staff; a second offense of $30, – the first ticket is reinstated and the student now owes a balance of $45.)
  • A denied ticket is upheld and the student is responsible for the full amount listed.
  • Only school days are factored when figuring late fees. You are still responsible for any late fees accrued, even while waiting for an appeal. You may pay a ticket, and then appeal it – your account with the college would be credited the amount you paid for a probated or dismissed ticket.
  • Probates are cleared every Fall semester. If you receive a ticket the first day of the Fall semester, it will be treated as your first violation, even if you received a ticket the previous Summer or Spring semesters.
  • Some appeals may result in one violation of a ticket probated while another violation of the same ticket may be dismissed or denied. (Ex: It is possible that a “no permit” offense will be probated while a “parked in staff” offense will be denied.)
  • Campus police does not accept any payments or handle any transactions. You may pay in person at the business office or online at www.sanjac.edu, after logging into your SOS account.
It is the responsibility of the student to contact the police department after three (3) school days for the outcome of the appeal.

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* You may only appeal a ticket within 10 school days from the date the ticket was issued.  Appeals will not be accepted after the aforementioned time limit.

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