Honor a Veteran


Help support our Veteran Students.


Our Challenge

San Jacinto College has taken a progressive stand by providing our returning veterans with a place for counseling, camaraderie, and quiet study on each of our three campuses.

Our Solution

These Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success, will provide trained and certified personnel to assist our veterans in succeeding in their educational goals.

Our Goal

To raise $300,000.Your donation will be the key to success and help provide for operational and material needs.


Helping Our Veterans Succeed

Our region and surrounding areas have more veterans than any other area in the country. For this reason, San Jacinto College has taken a progressive stand to assist our veterans upon their return. San Jacinto College will open a place of counseling, camaraderie, and quiet study for our community veterans.

The average age of our veterans is 23 to 29, since most entered service right out of high school or shortly after their graduations, they have some challenges adjusting. Certainly our disabled vets face more challenges, but those who do not show visible scars still face very real challenges.

Through The Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success, San Jacinto College will staff each facility with trained personnel which will help assist our veterans in their transition back into civilian life.


Services Include

Admission Assistance Credit Transfer Advising/Counseling

Job Search

Registration Assistance              Testing Information/Enrollment             

Education and Training             

Career Exploration

College Orientation Mental Health Resources Vocation Evaluation Immediate Financial Needs
Transition Counseling Financial Aid/VA  Benefits

Degree Planning




Please don't stop the momentum!

On behalf of San Jacinto College Community THANK YOU!

Each campus Veteran Student Success Center will host a Wall of Honor, to pay tribute to the men and women who have served our Country. Please consider honoring a family member or a loved one through the purchase of a name plate. The cost is $250 a plate which includes the engraving of name, rank and branch of service.

For more information visit: Wall of Honor Plaque


Students appreciate your Support

“The VA Center's at San Jacinto College are extremely helpful and go above and beyond to take care of veterans. I recommend the staff to be recognized for their unwavering efforts to make it happen for those who serve, and have served. Keep up the good work!!”Zach Chase

“Thanks for the help and services you provide, we need this center!” Christopher Rueda

"SJC really stepped it up by having a VA Center!  Our veterans deserve it!” Alberto & Krystal Rodriguez


Please remember our veteran students.