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Meet the Staff

 Dora 'Dotty' Roman 

Welcome Desk Specialist





Dora Roman started working as a part-time employee with a grant associated with the US Department of Labor/Aerospace in 2005. A year later she became a full time employee with the Dual Credit department at Central Campus. During her time in the Dual Credit Department, she has also worked at a satellite Dual Credit office in La Porte and solely maintained the La Porte College Center facilities needs for the students and faculty for four years (2016-2019). She has worked 15 years in the Dual Credit Department in various capacities working with student, parents, school counselors and faculty. She has always enjoyed working with and helping people.  

Piece of Advice: Stay true to yourself.

Fun Fact: My beach house is where my heart is because it's so calming to me and I never get bored of the view.

Gissell Hernandez

 Gissell Hernandez

Administrative Assistant

A.A., Fine Arts, San Jacinto College




Gissell Hernandez is in her seventh year working in higher education at San Jacinto College. She started as a part-time student employee in 2014 and developed her skills in many departments before successfully becoming an Administrative Assistant. She understands what it's like to be a first-generation college graduate and uses her experience to assist and empathize with students. She strives to create a positive college environment and to provide daily support to school personnel.

Piece of Advice: Work hard to create your dreams into a career, so every morning you wake up loving who you are and what you do.

Fun Fact: I love to express my creativity through many forms of art.

Nedra Johnson

Nedra Johnson 

Admissions Advisor

B.S., Business Administration, Texas A&M University




Nedra Johnson has worked in higher education for 7 years in various areas of student services. She encourages students to never give up, think outside the box, & that there is more than one way the accomplish something. She loves supporting students who are getting started on their pathway journey into college. Even if it’s achieving a continued goal or a dream that you may have had but never thought could come true is what she strives to help you achieve. 
Piece of Advice: Never be afraid to ask questions.
Fun Fact: I have traveled to 42 states within the United States

Cassidy Preuninger

Cassidy Preuninger

Admissions Advisor

A.A., General Studies, San Jacinto College
B.A., Liberals Studies, University of Houston


Cassidy Preuninger is a first-generation college graduate and started working in higher education in 2014 as a work study student; that is when she realized higher education was where she wanted to have a career. She likes working with students because she was a student for many years and could relate and pass on her experience and advice to other students. Being an advisor is rewarding in that Cassidy likes to help others and believes education is a liberating opportunity to have a better life. She hopes to one day start graduate school to become a counselor or administrator.
Piece of Advice: It doesn’t matter how long it takes, just as long as you never stop or give up on your goals.
Fun Fact: I’m a photographer and love capturing special moments and making people feel beautiful and confident.

Adanta Nwachi Ugo

Dr. Adanta Nwachi Ugo 

Educational Planner

B.S., Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Houston - Downtown
M.A., Organizational Management, University of Phoenix
Ph.D., Higher Education, Capella University

Dr. Adanta Ugo has worked in higher education for 22+ years in various areas of student services and is also an adjunct faculty. She believes that learning is a life-long process and it is her responsibility to provide an academic environment that is as unique as today’s students. She strives to guide students into self-learning and self-discovery while encouraging them to take ownership of their educational experiences through educational planning/advising, coaching, and mentoring.
Piece of Advice: Don’t be afraid of change, it’s just another word for growth!
Fun Fact: I have been crowned the Popcorn Queen because of my love of movie theater popcorn!

Monica Cepeda

Monica Cepeda 

Educational Planner

A.A., Social and Behavioral Science, San Jacinto College

B.S., Psychology, University of Houston - Downtown




Monica has served San Jacinto College students for over 10 years. She began her career in higher education in the contact center and the Financial Aid office before transitioning to Education Planning. Monica has served as a student organization advisor on more than one occasion and loves the connections she makes with her students as she guides them from enrollment to graduation. You will always find her with a friendly smile and lots of enthusiasm.

Piece of Advice: Never give up and set small goals to achieve more.

Fun Fact: I received my Bachelor's degree before my Associate's degree.




Irvin Ortiz

Irvin Ortiz 

Educational Planner
B.A., Art, University of Houston




Irvin Ortiz has worked at San Jacinto College for 13 years starting out as a student worker, Admissions Advisor, and Educational Planner. He enjoys helping students on choosing a career pathway through educational planning. He motivates students to take part in their educational goals. He also believes that its his responsibly to help students reach their goals no matter the obstacles.
Piece of Advice: Be punctual, better to be early than late.
Fun Fact: I like video games, movies, and art.

Ericka Thomas

Ericka Thomas 

Financial Aid Advisor
B.A., Sociology, McNeese State University




Ericka Thomas has been a financial aid advisor for the last 5 years where she shows compassion for students in all aspects of their career pathway. She has proven to be easily engaged with students with her teaching background that extends over 7 years.  Students are drawn to Ericka for her willingness to listen and well-rounded frame of mind.  Financial aid is one of the most essential parts of student services and she is always willing to ensure funding is not a barrier for the student.  Ericka’s strengths are Harmony, Achiever, Relator, Arranger and Communication. 
Piece of Advice: Don’t let one downfall keep you from pushing through.  Keep striving to be the best person for you.
Fun Fact: I am from originally from Lake Charles, LA

 Annabella Espinoza

Financial Aid Advisor 

B.A., Integrative Biology, Harvard University




Annabella Espinoza is a recent graduate of Harvard University and has a passion for helping students succeed. She has poured her time and energy into many volunteer projects in the pursuit of making education accessible to everyone. Some of her favorite experiences include teaching foundational scientific concepts to children using engaging experiments, serving as an English tutor for international professionals, and leading college admissions workshops. Every student's pathway is different, and her goal every day is to help them realize their own fullest potential.

Piece of Advice: It's harder to move forward while looking back. If you make a mistake, just pick yourself up and keep going.

Fun Fact: I love telling stories, and in high school, I even won an award for it. Scary stories are my favorite.

Jasmine Cruz

Part Time Administrative Assistant

A.A., Social & Behavioral Sciences, San Jacinto College


Brendon Wallace

Part-Time Administrative Assistant