NJCAA All-Americans

NJCAA All-Americans


With 12 national championships in its more than 50-year storied athletic history, San Jacinto College has a long and rich tradition of athletic success, both on the court and field, and in the classroom. This excellence has brought with it national and international exposure to the College and local community. Like many community college and four-year athletic programs, San Jacinto College has a history of producing professional and Olympic athletes.

Divided among the three campuses, San Jacinto College, or San Jac as it has come to be known when referencing its athletics programs, has a variety of athletic opportunities for both male and female student-athletes. San Jac competes in six National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division I teams: men’s basketball, soccer and baseball; and women’s basketball, softball, and volleyball.

San Jac has won national titles in men’s basketball, volleyball, baseball, and, track and field, as well as individual titles in tennis. Along the way, San Jacinto College has produced numerous All-Americans and Academic All-Americans, solidifying the success of San Jac student-athletes on the court and field and in the classroom.

Walker Pennington, Second Team, 2015

Anthony Banda, Third Team, 2012

Tyler Wright, Third Team, 2011

Miguel Pena, Honorable Mention, 2011

Miguel Pena, First Team, 2010

Sean Nolin, Third Team, 2010

Deric Hawkins, Second Team, 2009

Kris Miller, First Team, 2008

Nick Stavinoha, First Team, 2003

Mike Pankratz, Second Team, 2003

Clint Goocher, Third Team, 2003

Clint Goocher, Third Team, 2002

Nick Stavinoha, Honorable Mention, 2002

Brett Cooley, Third Team, 2001

Kevin Theiss, First Team, 2000

Damon Thames, Honorable Mention, 1997

Joel Gilmore, First Team, 1990

Dan Robinson, Honorable Mention, 1989

Scott McCarty, Honorable Mention, 1989

Thayer Swain, First Team, 1988

Jose Rivas, Honorable Mention, 1988

Mark Smith, First Team, 1987

Steve Camerda, First Team, 1986

Steve Bowden, First Team, 1985

Dody Rather, First Team, 1984

Joe Mikulik, Honorable Mention, 1984

Kyle Todd, Third Team, 1983

Louis Ray, Honorable Mention, 1982

Allen Brown, Second Team, 1981

Tim Englund, Second Team, 1981

Mark Brogdon, Second Team, 1980

Chuck Shirley, Third Team, 1979

Mark Martin, Honorable Mention, 1978

Ron Driver, First Team, 1977

Steve Kerns, Second Team, 1974

Wayne Cato, First Team, 1973

Don Bravenec, Honorable Mention, 1973

Rick Burley, First Team, 1972

Paul Miller, Honorable Mention, 1972

Rick Burley, First Team, 1971

Ronald Roznovsky, Second Team, 1971

Ronald Roznovsky, Second Team, 1970

Steve Spretz, Honorable Mention, 1969

Steve Spretz, Honorable Mention, 1968

James Gorski, Honorable Mention, 1967

Glen Blanton, Honorable Mention,1966

Krissy Renner, Third Team, 1998

Ana Helena Ribeiro, Second Team, 2014

Ana Helena Ribeiro, First Team, 2013

Marie-Pierre Bakima, First Team, 2012

Marlaina Pleydle, Second Team, 2012

Jazmine Green, First Team, 2011

Alyssa Dibbern, First Team, 2010

Candace Soares, First Team, 2010

Christie Dorch, Second Team, 2009

Zuzana Cizova, First Team, 2008

Julia Texeira, Second Team, 2008

Ligia Clemente, Second Team, 2006

Nyla Ware, Second Team, 2006

Gena Rhodes, Second Team, 2005

Leah Alexander, Second Team, 2004

Leah Alexander, Honorable Mention, 2003

Jeniver Koutnik, First Team, 1993

Misty Farmer, Honorable Mention, 1993

Kim Hill, Second Team, 1991

Julie Harper, Second Team, 1990

Debi Henry, Second Team, 1989

Stacie McDaniel, First Team, 1988

Sonia Trevino, First Team, 1987

Patricia Guerrero, Honorable Mention, 1987

Eve Posey, First Team, 1986

Rachael Standley, Second Team, 1986

Siobhan Hunter, First Team, 1985

Jackie LeDay, Honorable Mention, 1985

Siobhan Hunter, First Team, 1984

Sandy Howell, Second Team, 1984

Kim Smith, Honorable Mention, 1983

Susan Willis, Honorable Mention, 1982

Teresa Odgen, Second Team, 1980

Robin Hall, Honorable Mention, 1980

Eva Garcia, First Team, 1977

Donna Branch, First Team, 1976

Eva Garcia, First Team, 1976

Debbie Brown, Second Team, 1976

Donna Branch, First Team, 1975

Jose Seoane, First Team, 2013

Jose Seoane, Second Team, 2012

Guillermo Alvarez, First Team, 2011

Carlos Picado, Honorable Mention, 2010

Kieron Bernard, First Team, 2008

Gabriel Rodriguez, First Team, 2008

Mozesh Gyorio, Honorable Mention, 2008

Ricardo Ximines First Team, 2007

Kieron Bernard, Second Team, 2007

Ardalan Attar, First Team, 2005

Derrick Henry, Honorable Mention, 2005

Dane Richards, First Team, 2004

Rohan Bernard, Honorable Mention, 2004

Garnet Chisholm, First Team, 2002

Deshawn Woolery, Honorable Mention, 2002

Garnet Chisholm, First Team, 2001

Fernando Castellanos, Second Team, 2000

Willie Mangum, Third Team, 2014-2015

Mohammad Lee, First Team, 2012-2013

Marsell Holden, First Team, 2010-2011

Maurice McNeill, First Team, 2008-2009

Booker Woodfox, Honorable Mention, 2006-2007

Trey McDowell, Second Team, 2004-2005

Jihad Muhammad, Second Team, 2003-2004

Derick Payne, Honorable Mention, 2001-2002

Antonio Falu, First Team, 2000-2001

Calvin Bowman, First Team, 1997-1998

Omar Sneed, First Team, 1996-1997

Omar Sneed, Honorable Mention, 1995-1996

Michael Lloyd, First Team, 1993-1994

Sam Cassell, Third Team, 1990-1991

Walter Berry, First Team, 1983-1984

Frank James, Honorable Mention, 1981-1982

Don Plummer, Honorable Mention, 1980-1981

Billy Goodwin, Honorable Mention, 1979-1980

Curtis Phauls, Honorable Mention, 1978-1979

Ollie Mack, First Team, 1976-1977

Tom Henderson, First Team, 1971-1972

Tom Henderson, Second Team, 1970-1971

Bob Nash, Second Team, 1969-1970

Jeff Halliburton, Honorable Mention, 1968-1969

Mike Anderson, Honorable Mention, 1964-1965

Taujhnae Travis, Second Team, 2006-2007