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Transportation Worker's Identification Credential (TWIC)

TWIC is an important part of the Transportation Security Administration's efforts to improve security in the Nation's transportation system.

This is a U.S. government issued identification card that positively identifies and checks the background of persons wishing to work within and/or need access to the U.S. Ports of Commerce and/or Entry.

The process starts online with a personal questionnaire and the setting of an appointment to visit a TWIC office.

At the TWIC office, staff will verify the applicant's identity and fingerprint the applicant for a requisite security threat assessment (background check).  This threat assessment checks federal records for everything from history of mental illness to criminal convictions.

Some minor crimes are excused, some crimes will disqualify an applicant for a period of time and some will disqualify an applicant permanently.

Once the background check is completed the applicant must return to the TWIC office to pick up their newly issued TWIC card.

This TWIC card will be required for the U.S. Coast Guard to then issue any Mariner Credential or license.

Please click this TWIC link for additional information or to start the process.

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