Policy II.2000.A, Policy and Procedure Development, Review, Revision, and Rescission


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This policy describes the process of policy and procedure development, review, revision, and rescission at San Jacinto College.


The San Jacinto Community College District Policy Manual is the official repository of College policies that govern the operations of San Jacinto College. Board policy establishes a general statement of rule that provides direction to the College community regarding conduct of College affairs. The Board reviews and approves changes to College policy prior to implementation. The policy approval requires a first reading for informational purposes and a second reading for the Board to take action on the policy recommendation. The only exceptions would be for policy changes related to grammar and punctuation, and/or College position title changes with no significant changes in roles and responsibilities.

The Board of Trustees delegates authority to and requires the Chancellor through his/her designees to manage procedures that implement College policies. The Board of Trustees approves all policies but does not approve procedures or practices. Procedures require the approval of the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT).

The College procedures for managing policy shall provide a method by which employees or students may request changes to College policies and shall provide an opportunity to comment on prospective changes prior to final approval by the Board of Trustees.

All policies and related procedures shall be maintained and published in the San Jacinto Community College District Policy Manual on the College’s website.

Each policy will include the following elements: policy number, policy title, purpose, policy statement, definitions, associated procedure, date of Board approval, effective date, primary and secondary owners, and other information included in the approved template appropriate to the policy.

Each procedure will include the following elements: procedure number, procedure title, reference to the related Board approved policy, procedure statement, definitions, date of SLT approval, effective date, primary and secondary owner, and other information included in the template appropriate to the procedure.

The San Jacinto Community College District Policy Manual expressly excludes College practices. College practices are the operational steps conducted within specific functional areas of the College to operate the College in a manner that adheres to policy and procedure. Practices are not approved by the Board. 

No elements contained within the policies of the San Jacinto Community College District Policy Manual establish an expressed or implied employment contract or an offer to contract with any individual or external entity. Wording contained within the San Jacinto Community College District Policy Manual neither changes the employment-at-will status of any employee nor creates any additional rights, remedies, or expectations of continued employment.


Policy: a statement by the Board requiring and/or authorizing action used to guide and determine present and future decisions.

Procedure: a statement that provides specific actions that must be taken to implement and to conform to a policy. Procedures are developed and recommended by designated College employees and approved by the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) to implement and to comply with policy.

Practice: an operational process conducted within a specific functional area of the College; practice may be defined in operational manuals, forms, methods, process documents, or in some cases, through verbal communication.


The Board of Trustees is authorized by the State of Texas to govern San Jacinto College through the Texas State Constitution and Texas Education Code Chapter 130. College policy functions within the context of and is subject to compliance with laws, statutes, and regulations executed at federal, state, and local levels. The Board delegates authority to the Chancellor to develop policies for the Board’s consideration at its request or on the Chancellor’s initiative and delegates to the Chancellor the authority to develop, adopt, and implement procedures. To the extent that any policy is inconsistent with state or federal law, the state or federal law shall prevail.


Each College policy applies to all employees, students, contractors, and visitors to the College, unless stated otherwise by the policy.


Sanctions for violating a policy, unless stated otherwise by the policy, will be commensurate with the severity and/or frequency of the violation and will be administered according to human resources and student disciplinary policy or other applicable policy.


The Chancellor has the authority to sign into effect, waive, or temporarily alter any policy necessary to address an emergency or temporary situation without utilizing the procedures outlined in this policy. The Board shall review any temporary exclusions at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. To become permanent, any changes made under this exclusion shall begin the policy review process defined by procedure at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.


The authority to interpret this policy and all policies resides with the Board of Trustees. The Board delegates the day-to-day interpretation of policy to the Chancellor or his/her designee.

Associated Procedures

Procedure II.2000.A.a, Policy and Procedure Development, Review, Revision, and Rescission


Date of Board Approval

April 10, 2017

Effective Date

April 11, 2017

Primary Owner


Secondary Owner

Deputy Chancellor & President