Policy VI.6003.A, Evaluation of Transcripts for Transfer Students


This policy defines the types of transfer student transcripts that San Jacinto College (College) evaluates. Typically, the transcripts described would be evaluated with or without a request for the purpose of milestone completion.


It is the policy of the San Jacinto College District to evaluate official college and university transcripts for students with prior college coursework or the equivalent as follows: all requests from college and university transfer students, all military transcripts for veterans benefits, all transcripts for financial aid applicants, all transcripts for reverse articulation graduation review, all transcripts for core curriculum completion graduation review, and all other transcripts without student requests as time permits.


Transcript: a digital or printed copy of a student’s academic record, including courses, attendance dates, and course grades.

The Authority, Applicability, Sanctions, Exclusions, and Interpretation do not differ from Policy II.2000.A, Policy and Procedures Development, Review, Revision, and Rescission.

Associated Procedures

Procedure VI.6003.A.a, Evaluation of Transcripts for Transfer Students

Date of Board Approval

April 2, 2018

Effective Date

April 3, 2018

Primary Owner

Deputy Chancellor & President

Secondary Owner

Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services