Procedure 2-3: Computer Services - Information Technology Services (ITS)

The District Information Technology Services (ITS) department, which is located in the District Administration Building, along with service personnel based on each campus, has the following responsibilities:

  • Acquire/develop, disseminate and maintain information technology-related resources and services for educational programs and the management and administrative functions of the San Jacinto College District.
  • Provide access to information technology facilities by installing and maintaining equipment and software, thereby assisting the instructional and administrative areas to perform their functions more effectively.
  • Provide programming, data access/manipulation, and consultation services to instructional and administrative areas, assisting them in their objectives and assessment.
  • Provide and maintain an effective telecommunications infrastructure (network and phones) necessary for the identified needs of the instructional and administrative activities.
  • Provide access to the Internet and e-mail for all employees and maintain the related resources required to insure timely access.
  • Provide a Web site for the access of information regarding the college and for the delivery of Internet-based distance education courses.

Acquisition of PC's and Related Equipment

Requests for the purchase of PC's and related equipment are made through existing requisition procedures. Following the appropriate approvals, the requisition will be forwarded to ITS for the acquisition, delivery and installation of the requested items. This procedure includes purchases to be made with grant funds.

Maintenance of Computer and Copier Equipment

When in need of maintenance for computer or copier equipment, college employees call the ITS help desk at (281) 998-6137 to report the problem. Information regarding the location, contact person, type and serial number of the machine and level of urgency will be necessary for input into the service call system.

This process permits scheduling of repair visits by ITS personnel as well as the efficient tracking of maintenance calls.

Software Installation/Customization/Assistance

Requests for software services should be made by contacting the ITS helpdesk at (281) 998-6137. If the help desk personnel cannot resolve the user's issue directly by phone, a work order will be initiated and the appropriate personnel will be scheduled for the earliest possible visit.

Software and the Federal Copyright Law

The San Jacinto College District's stated policy is to abide within the provisions of copyright law in all matters regarding the reproduction of materials for classroom and college use. This includes the unauthorized duplication of software.

Any duplications of software material, except for backup purposes, is a violation of the Federal Copyright Law. Penalties include fines of as much as $100,000 and jail terms up to five years. Employees who make, acquire or use unauthorized copies of software shall be disciplined as appropriate under the circumstances. Such discipline may include termination.

Educational institutions are not exempt from the copyright laws. Due to its position of influence, San Jacinto College should make every effort to uphold the law because it is by our example that students will learn respect for intellectual property.

College employees should refer to the license agreement before making any copies of software to ensure the authorization for copying is granted. If you need clarification or have questions regarding the license agreement, please contact the ITS Department at(281) 998-6137.

Request for Programming and Data Services

The ITS Department requires a completed Job Request Form for any requests for information processing outside of their normal operating procedures. Upon receipt of a request, ITS will obtain appropriate District approval of the request. If you have a need for computer generated lists, labels or reports please contact the Help Desk at ext. 6137.

Removal of Unwanted Software Material

When a department determines that there is a need for the removal of software material, the department supervisor should contact the District ITS department by calling>(281) 998-6137. The appropriate ITS personnel will schedule a pickup of the software.

After the software has been removed, the appropriate supervisor completes and signs the Removal of Software Materials form. This form is also signed by the ITS personnel. A copy of the completed form should be kept by the departmental supervisor.

At the District ITS office, records are kept regarding the status of all software materials collected. These records reflect the redistribution or type of disposal performed for the materials.

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