Procedure 4-12: Personnel Records

Procedure 4-12: Personnel Records

An official file is kept for every district employee in the Human Resources Office. Materials in the file are generated by college officials during the normal course of business and include, but are not limited to, personnel commendations forwarded to the Human Resources Office, specific instructions given by supervisors, applications, transcripts, certificates, any written reports of personnel performance reviews or of disciplinary conferences, and any personnel rebuttals or disclaimers.

While personnel members should generally be aware of or have a copy of everything that is presently in their files, they should review their files at the Human Resources Office periodically. The Human Resources Office staff will make copies of any item requested from the file. In addition, personnel may make a formal request under the Open Records Act to have a copy of their file.

While nothing may be taken from the file, personnel may refer questions about anything in the file to the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources. Only the individual employee, or a college official with business reasons, may look at a personnel file. The college never sends personnel files outside of the college except when they are subpoenaed.

Public Information Act

The purpose of the Texas Public Information Act, originally known as the Open Records Act, is to give the public full and complete information regarding the affairs of the College and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and employees. The College must make available for examination and copying all information collected, assembled or maintained in various offices unless the requested material falls within a statutory exception. Questions or inquiries about he Public Information Act should be channeled to the Human Resources Office.

Confidential Personal Information

Employees may elect to have his/her address, home telephone number, social security number and family status remain confidential and not be public information. This election must be in writing and on file in Human Resources. If the employee does not elect to protect the same information from disclosure, then home addresses, telephone numbers, etc are deemed public information. The form to request this exception may be obtained in Human Resources.

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