Procedure 4-13: Records Management

Procedure 4-13: Records Management

In compliance with the Texas Local Government Record Act of September 1, 1989, the College adopted a records management program for the management of local government records. The Texas Local Government Records Act defines a "local government record" as any document, paper, letter, book, map, photograph, sound or video recording, microfilm, magnetic tape, electronic medium, regardless of physical form or characteristic, created or received by a local government or any of its officers or employees in the transaction of public business.

The act requires that the college adopt a Records Control Schedule, listing all records created or received by the college with the minimum retention period for each record, and submit same to the state librarian for approval. In lieu of filing a records control schedule, the Act allows the college to adopt records control schedules that comply with minimum requirements established on records retention schedules issues by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for use in our records management program. Those schedules adopted by the college are Schedule JC (Records of Public Junior Colleges); Schedule GR (Records Common to all Governments); Schedule EL (Records of Election and Voter Registration) and Schedule PS (Records of Public Safety Agencies.

The college has designated the Director of Accounting and Financial Services as the record management officer and it is his or her responsibility to ensure that the maintenance, destruction, microfilming, electronic storage, or other disposition of the records of this office are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Records Act, rules adopted under the Act, and the policies of the college.

Each department/office is responsible for the management, retention and destroying of their records according to the control schedules. Records whose retention period has expired may be destroyed in compliance with the schedule. No college office or employee may dispose of a record listed in these schedules prior to the expiration of its retention period. Unauthorized destruction of any records is prohibited.

The retention periods of most of the records created or maintained by the college are found in Schedule JC (Records of Public Junior Colleges) and Schedule GR (Records Common to All Governments).

Retention Schedule JC for Records of Public Junior Colleges. Control Click on the item of interest

Part 1: Admissions and Assessment Records

Part 2: Academic Records

Part 3: Financial Aid Records

Part 4: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Records

Part 5: Accreditation Records

Part 6: Financial Records

Part 7: Personnel Records

Part 8: General Education Development (GED) Testing Records

Part 9: Miscellaneous Records and Reports

Part 10:  Library and Museum Records

Part 11:  Campus Security Records

Retention Schedule GR for Records Common to all Governments. Control Click on the item of interest

Part 1: Administrative Records

Section 1-1: Records of Governing Bodies

Section 1-2: General Records

Part 2: Financial Records

Section 2-1: Fiscal Administration and Reporting

Section 2-2: Accounting Records

Part 3: Personnel and Payroll Records

Section 3-1: Personnel Records

Section 3-2: Payroll Records

Part 4: Support Services Records

Section 4-1: Purchasing Records

Section 4-2: Facility, Vehicle, and Equipment Management Records

Section 4-3: Communications Records

Section 4-4: Workplace Safety Records

Part 5: Electronic Data Processing Records

Section 5-1: Records of Automated Applications

Section 5-2: Computer Operations and Technical Support Records

Retention Schedule EL for Election Records. Control Click on item of interest

Part 1: Election Records

Part 2: Records of Candidacy and Campaign Finance

Part 3: Voter Registration Records

Retention Schedule PS for Police Records. Control Click on item of interest

Part 1: Records Common to Public Safety Agencies

Part 2: Law Enforcement Records

Part 3: Records of County Medical Examiners

Part 4: Records of Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical Service Agencies

Part 5: Records of Community Supervision and Corrections (Adult Probation) Departments

Part 6: Records of County, District, and Criminal District Attorneys


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