Procedure 4-5: Employee Transfers

Procedure 4-5: Employee Transfers


Full-time faculty may be considered for an open faculty position on another campus by preparing a letter of interest to the Human Resources Office, along with any additional materials deemed appropriate for the particular position. These materials will be forwarded to the hiring supervisor/screening committee for review. Final determination of transfer rests with the approval of both campus provosts. Transfers and assignments are generally at the beginning of a fiscal year; exceptions must have the approval of the Chancellor.

Non-Teaching Staff

A non-teaching staff employee may be transferred to an open position on their campus under the following conditions:

  • the open position is within the same band (a lateral position) or a lower band
  • the open position has not been posted
  • the administration approves or initiates the move
  • Human Resources has been notified and the Chancellor is in agreement

Employees voluntarily transferring to a position with a lower band will have their salary adjusted according to the guidelines set forth in 4-2 Compensation and Salary Schedule.

Reassignment Of An Employee To Another Position

The Chancellor has the authority to assign or reassign any employee to other or additional duties for which the employee is professionally certified or otherwise qualified to perform at whatever campus deemed necessary as the Chancellor shall deem proper.

Sunset of a Program

When an operational unity, department or program has been identified for elimination, employees who will be impacted will be notified as soon as practicable. Those employees whose positions will be eliminated will receive first consideration for other positions within the District for which they are qualified and submit application. An employee may be transferred to another or similar position as the situation allows.

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 Employee Transfers



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 June 2, 2008

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 June 2, 2008

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