Procedure 5-1: Faculty Recruitment

Procedure 5-1: Faculty Recruitment

The College describes appointment and recruitment procedures in the faculty handbook and other published documents. Appointment procedures are described in detail in the Board of Regents Policy Manual under Policy IV-C-3. Each full-time faculty member should have access to the electronic version of the policy manual. The procedures are also listed on the Internet under the College homepage. Any individual interested in acquiring this information may do so by requesting it from the Human Resources Office.

The dean notifies the campus president of a vacancy/new faculty position who in turn notifies the Human Resources Office to post a position announcement. Faculty positions are advertised on the College employment web site. In addition, faculty postings may be advertised in a major newspaper (Houston Chronicle) or on various websites dedicated to recruiting potential employees. These advertisements contain, among other details, information regarding job description, minimum degree requirements, position availability, contract length and the equal opportunity employer statement.

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 Faculty Recruitment



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 June 2, 2008

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 June 2, 2008

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