Procedure III.3008.B.b, Public Health Emergencies

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Policy III.3008.B, Communicable Diseases


San Jacinto College will take all necessary measures to ensure that the spread of an infectious or contagious disease is managed in accordance with the appropriate countermeasures recommended by public health officials of the appropriate jurisdictional agencies. 

When the local public health agency declares or subscribes to a declaration of a public health emergency, the College will, using guidance from the public health agency, implement its Protective Measures protocol to mitigate the risk of that particular emergency. The College will update the Protective Measures document as necessary, and the College may apply any updates processed within this document retroactively to ensure compliance with recommended actions from the public health officials. The College will conform with all legally required mandates as issued by the federal, state, or local authorities. The College may impose additional protective measures in excess of those required by law to maintain a safe environment on all College locations.

Additional protective measures may include:

  • requiring alternate work schedules to allow the College to continue operations without all employees being physically present on-site;
  • screening of certain high-risk populations up to and including the entire population of the College; 
  • reporting and referral of persons to the local public health agency if screening is positive for a condition of concern;
  • preventing access to College resources to those who meet the screening criteria for exclusion or are non-compliant with screening protocols;  
  • requiring the use of personal protective measures, as determined by the College, when on campus or engaging in any off-campus activity on behalf of the College (individuals not adhering to these requirements will be asked to leave College facilities and/or premises);
  • mass dispensing of medications in partnership with local public health agencies (the College does not provide healthcare services but may partner with local agencies to provide services on College property in cases of exigent circumstances); and
  • reassigning employees from their existing duties to assist in tasks that allow the College to operate safely under altered operating conditions in response to a public health emergency.  

The College will ensure that all applicable laws regarding privacy and confidentiality are adhered to while implementing these processes with the understanding that certain implemented processes may change or be modified during times of public health emergencies.

Date of SLT Approval

May 27, 2020

Effective Date

June 4, 2020

Associated Policy

Policy III.3008.B, Communicable Diseases


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Vice Chancellor, Fiscal Affairs