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Most people are concerned with information, and they want only the latest. They may get their information from various sources such as newspapers, websites, television, radio, social networking sites, and RSS feeds, but one thing is constant – it takes well-trained media professionals to deliver content.

Your Future Starts Here

Your career as a media professional can start at San Jacinto College. Here you will learn the foundation of how communication industries operate and the principles of media content generation. Our associate degree program also gives you the opportunity to work on the College’s student publication, the San Jacinto Times. From here you can go on to a four-year university, well-prepared for further study in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, or photography.

Transfer Information

San Jacinto College offers many courses in the transfer path that meet the requirements of a major at baccalaureate degree programs at four-year and upper-level colleges and universities. Students may prepare to transfer to a particular program at an upper-level institution by either:

  • Completing the Core Curriculum requirements of the Communications Associate of Art (AA) degree at San Jacinto College and selecting courses in their transfer path that will lead to a major for the baccalaureate, or
  • Selecting courses as specified in the transfer plans developed by San Jacinto College in cooperation with the upper-level institution of the student’s choosing.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Communications from San Jacinto College helps students begin careers in fields such as:

  • Local reporter,
  • Assistant news producer,
  • Public relations specialist,
  • Advertising sales/account manager,
  • Creative artist/designer – advertising,
  • Copy editor,
  • Social media manager, and
  • Production assistant/manager – television or film.

Earning Potential

  • Public relations specialists - $63,2991
  • Reporters/Correspondents - $64,8091
  • Media and communication - $75,4771
  • Advertising Sales Agents - $53,3151
  • Proofreaders - $40,1691

Source: www.TexasWages.com, median salary, Gulf Coast region, 2021


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