A Foundation in Math Opens Many Doors

Mathematics is fundamental to many fields of study and professions – everything from auto repair to astrophysics uses mathematics. Whether you are planning a career in engineering, one of the sciences, information technology, business, finance, medicine, industry, or education, a strong mathematics foundation can be your ladder to success.

At San Jacinto College, we have small classes taught by experienced professors who are dedicated to our students' mastery of mathematics. Upon graduation, you will be ready for entry into a wide variety of four-year degree mathematics programs or for immediate entry into one of many technical fields.

Career Opportunities

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree pathway in mathematics will be prepared for careers as:

  • Accountants $91,9471
  • Actuaries $112,1981
  • Cost estimators $74,8731
  • Financial Managers $161,2851
  • Insurance Underwriters $78,2091
  • Operations Research Analysts $127,2751  
  • Secondary teachers $63,2661
  • Statistician $94,7961

Source: www.texaswages.com, annual median salary after earning a bachelor's degree, Gulf Coast region, 2021


For advising and course information, students may use the contacts below for each campus.


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South Campus 

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Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta (MAT) is a national mathematics honor society for students attending high school and two-year colleges. Members of the San Jacinto College chapter of MAT can participate in mathematics competitions, enrichment opportunities related to math, community outreach such as tutoring, as well as opportunities to engage with other clubs at San Jacinto College and to attend a national mathematics conference.

Mu Alpha Theta and MAT Educational Foundation award $4,000 scholarships to our members every year. Any graduating high school senior or two-year college student who is an active member of a current Mu Alpha Theta chapter is eligible.