Give Yourself a Solid Foundation to Build On

Studying philosophy is a wonderfully adventurous route to several careers including business, management, law, government, insurance, journalism and education, to name a few. Our associate’s degree program's solid coursework in English, mathematics, history and biology lays the groundwork for you to transfer to a four-year university.

You will study philosophical principles and learn the art of clear and persuasive communication. Open your mind and unlock your intellectual and creative potential. The process begins here at San Jacinto College.

Career Opportunities

Philosophy majors can have viable careers in public sectors and in local and government positions. With its stress on reason, argumentation, analyses of various topics and logically solving moral problems, they can effectively work in civil rights, health and human services and in shaping public policy and international relations. Philosophers can be journalists, publishers, researchers, ministers, religious or philosophy teachers or counselors in some Christian schools.

Pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy or law, you can become a college professor or lawyer respectively.

Earning Potential

  • Reporter - $39,644
  • Researcher assistant - $34,580*
  • Ministers - $24,271*
  • Counselors - $49,081*
  • Philosophy and religion teachers (postsecondary) - $86,600*

*Source:, gulf coast region, 2016.


Contact Information

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Dr. Dawn Eaton, Chair - South Campus
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