Get a Deeper Understanding of Mankind

No species on our planet is more complex and more intriguing than mankind. To truly understand human behavior, you must go beyond the individual mind and study the many intricacies of our interactions. Humans are simultaneously governed by social, religious and legal concerns. Our behavior is based much on how others behave, and those who strive to understand this interaction are known as sociologists. You can join this fascinating profession with an associate’s degree from San Jacinto College.

Find a Job You Love

Our sociology program can lead you to a career in criminal justice, counseling, social work, research, communications and other areas of business. The world runs on human relationships so become an expert on the subject right here.

Career Opportunities

Depending on the degree level pursued, a pathway in criminal justice will lead to careers such as:

  • Marketing/PR – Public Relations, Market Research Analyst
  • Business – Training & Development, Human Resources, Social Media
  • Healthcare – Social and Human Services, Substance Abuse
  • Law – Police Officer, Attorney
  • Non-Profit, Public Service, International Relations – Operations Research Analyst, Peace Corps Worker
  • Research – Social Researcher, Data Scientist
  • Social Services – Social Worker, Community Organizer
  • Government/Politics – Urban and Regional Planner, Social & Community Service Manager
  • Education – College Professor (Master’s Degree), Teacher, Counselor

Earning Potential

  • Sociology educator, post-secondary: $73,278*
  • Public relations specialist: $58,487*
  • Police and sheriff’s patrol officer: $66,152*
  • Human resources manager: $127,569*
  • Human resources specialist: $63,581*

*Source:, 2020 annual median salaries for the gulf coast region.

Contact Information

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