Open a Book of Endless Possibilities

English is much more than a means of communication. English forms the very foundation of our culture. It is the word of law, the medium for our literature, and the current that carries business and education forward. Getting an associate’s degree from San Jacinto College can provide you with the tools needed to be accomplished in this diverse subject.

Get a Rewarding Job

Studying English at San Jacinto College is an enriching experience that can pave the way to many careers in law, public relations, management, publishing and teaching. We will help you become a strong writer with the ability to captivate and communicate messages to a variety of audiences. Here you will learn to write about literature and craft business briefs and technical reports. In all cases, you will be excellently prepared to achieve success in both your educational and career endeavors.

Career Opportunities

In today's competitive job market, employers seek professionals who can think critically, analyze content, and write well.  Students who earn a bachelor’s degree in English will possess these highly marketable skills and be prepared to pursue many career paths, including careers in education, editing, law, business, marketing, political science and government, technical writing, journalism, and public relations. 

Earning Potential

  • English/literature teacher (postsecondary) - $77,325*
  • Technical/grant writer - $67,835*

*Source:, Gulf Coast region, 2020

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