SJC Central Music and Audio Engineering Program:

A Masterful Composition

Music, first and foremost, is a calling, yet it can also make for an immensely satisfying and rewarding career. Our program couples general academic instruction with a wide array of music courses, including theory, composition, voice and ear training, and immersion in specific instruments and musical genres. A music degree will prepare you for study in a baccalaureate-level music program – including a bachelor of music education, if teaching is your goal. You could go on to be a music director or a great performer. No matter the size of your dream, we’ll help you go after it.

At San Jac, students develop and refine their skills in small classes taught by creative and accomplished instructors, who are active professionally as performers in the Houston area. We offer quality training in musical study with an Associate of Arts degree and one of the state's most successful and comprehensive transfer programs.

The music department at San Jac regularly produces graduates who are sought after by universities for both their performance and technical skills. Students and faculty perform regularly in recitals, and concerts, and guest artists perform and present workshops on campus frequently.

Academic credit is awarded for all performance ensembles. The music department maintains an annual series of outstanding performances, clinics, seminars, master classes, and festivals throughout the year.

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