Digital Literacy

Begin Here with the Foundation

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The primary input device to a computer is the keyboard.  Therefore proficiency and accuracy in keyboarding is your first foundational course to all other computer classes.  This course provides an introduction to fundamental keyboarding techniques such as finger position and movement, increasing speed and reducing errors.  Without this course, or a typing speed of at least 20 wpm, you will not be prepared for any other computer class.

$190      CEUs   1.6         HRS: 16

Dates                              CRN           Time                                Campus                Days

1/11/22 - 1/20/22        70226      6:00 pm - 10:00 pm        North                     TH

3/22/22 - 4/14/22        90153      6:00 pm - 10:00 pm        South                     TH 

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DIGITAL LITERACY  (Limited number of scholarships available)

Note: Textbook required  Flash Drive recommended

Learn to use a computer in a business environment. Begin with the keyboard; learning typing skills.  Then get an introduction to the computer hardware.  Learn how to use the Windows operating system. Gain a basic  understanding of the most popular business applications - MS Word, MS Excel and PowerPoint. Additionally, learn to use the internet and email.  All of these skills prepare you to take the optional IC3 certification exam.

$1,280         CEUs 9.6          HRS: 96

Dates                               CRN            Time                           Campus                Days

3/21/22 - 6/13/22         90152         6:00 -10:00 PM        South                    MW

(Limited number of scholarships available for information call 281-459-7631)

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DIGITAL FOUNDATIONS  (Limited number of scholarships available)

Note: Textbook required  Flash Drive recommended

This foundational course will provide the students with  skills that can be used at home and at work.  From logging in to the computer to researching the internet, each skill covered enables student success. The latest version of Windows will be covered including program controls, menus,  and using the task bar.   We will also integrate coverage of Outlook Online, Word Online and OneDrive.  The most critical skill for all computer work is learning how and where to save files.  This skill will be weaved throughout the course.

$620        CEUs 5.2        HRS: 52

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