Shelter in Place Home Skills


Develop the Skills to Do-It-Yourself.

Home Repairs


Do you have a Honey Do List you’ve been putting off? Use this time to spruce up your home and make those DIY repairs you’ve been meaning to do. Learn to make minor home repairs and save money.  View helpful online videos with step-by-step instructions.

Learn more about CPD Applied Technology and Trades

sewingDo your pants have a loose hem? Missing a button? Learn some basic hand stitches and beginner tips.

How to Sew a Blind Hem

● Read instructions

● Watch a Video

How to Sew on a Button

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● Watch

CDC Face Covering Pattern

How to Sew a Cloth Face Covering

  • The CDC now recommends cloth masks (not surgical or N95 respirators) to prevent the spread of COVID-19. CDC Sew and No Sew Instructions.

Linda's 6-Minute Sewing Essentials


How to Use a Sewing Machine

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With hair salons closed, some folks are turning to do-it-yourself “corona-cuts.”
How to Trim Your Bangs



The San Jacinto College cosmetology program prepares students to be hairdressers, hair weavers, salon operators, facial specialists, manicurists, eye lash specialists, and more. Learn more about a degree in cosmetology and non-credit eyelash extension certificates INSERT CPD FLYER.

Now, more than ever, protect your family by following simple steps for cleaning and disinfecting your home. 




Tips for taking care of pets during the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep Your Pets Active!

Keep Active with Your Pets!

● Whether it’s an interactive toy or giving them an extra special treat that lasts longer (bully sticks, bones, doggy ice cream – with supervision), it’ll be a fun way to keep them busy and let you keep working.

● You may not be able to go to the dog park, but playing fetch outside, swimming in a pool, or even just going on long walks are super helpful to keep your dog, and you, happy and healthy!

● Cats too! Keep them busy with their toys, scratchers, treats, catnip, and other feline-friendly plants. Take your cat on a walk (if that’s their thing, and yes, you can walk cats), and let them enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air!

● Other pets. Birds, reptiles, small mammals, amphibians, and yes even fish! Keep them active, keep them healthy, and remember to give them extra love!


During this time, it's not only people who need a little help, but our pets too!

Area pet food banks are here to help by assisting those who have been affected financially due to COVID-19. They not only provide pet food, but also pet supplies to those who need them.

You can even contact them directly with a special food request, should your furry friend need anything specific (prescription food, low calorie food, or even a small mammal that needs food).