Motorcycle Rider Course


Basic RiderCourse Overview:

The Basic Rider Course is intended for those with little or no experience. The course is designed to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of safe, responsible motorcycling. The course includes an on-line e-Course, classroom modules and on-cycle instruction. This hands-on, learner-centered, step-by-step course teaches everything from the ground up. The Basic Rider Course begins by focusing on basic motorcycle operation with an emphasis on clutch and throttle control. Students will learn how to move in a straight line, shift, stop and the basics of cornering. Students then move on to more advanced techniques such as stopping quickly, swerving, advanced cornering, and stopping quickly in a curve.

This course is physically and mentally challenging and students must be in good health to participate. During the riding portion of the course you will be exposed to a certain degree of physical exertion including, but not limited to, pushing, mounting, dismounting and balancing a motorcycle. You could be exposed to various weather elements, including direct sunlight, wind, rain and heat radiating from the pavement and motorcycle engine. Although this motorcycle safety course is designed for beginning students, due to its nature, students will be expected to maintain pace with the rest of the class. On occasion, remedial coaching may prove ineffective and students who have not progressed with the pace of the class or have created hazardous conditions by their riding, may be counseled out from the course. Please be assured that this is not personal in nature but is FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL INVOLVED.

Students must be able to ride and balance a bicycle. Students must provide and wear the following required safety gear: DOT approved helmet, eye protection (glasses or face shield), full-fingered gloves, long-sleeve shirt or jacket, sturdy footwear that covers over-the-ankle with low heels (boots or high-top athletic are acceptable). Canvas shoes are not allowed, long pants (jeans or sturdy material with no holes, slits or tears).

Prior to the first day of class, each student is required to take the MSF eCourse online module. Once you registered and paid for the Course you will be sent a confirmation email that provides a link and instructions to access the eCourse. The fee for the e-Course is included in registration tuition. Do not pay for the eCourse. The module will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete. The date on the certificate must be within 30 days of the first day of class. You will need to print out your certificate and MUST bring the completion certificate to the first day of class. If you do not present your proof of eCourse completion at start of class, you will not be allowed to continue the course and there will be no refund for the cost of the course. If you do not have access to a computer or internet, please check with your local library. Review the questions and answer section for more specific information.

Class time:
The course is held on Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Depending on weather condition, student skill level and size of class, hours may vary.

Class Location:
This class will take place at the South Campus
13735 Beamer Road, Houston, Building S-14.102A

Basic RiderCourse Registration Information:

The cost of the course is $ 250.00. There are two options to register:

Telephone Registration call 281-542-2020 to register by phone.
Please have your personal information as well as the course you'd like to take ready when you call.

In-Person, visit of our convenient locations at the following campuses to register.

Central Campus: Interactive Learning Center,
Room C-1.128, 8060 Spencer Hwy., Pasadena

North Campus: Slovacek Student Center Building,
Room N-12.212, 5800 Uvalde Road, Houston

South Campus: Administration Bldg., Room S-8.1403A,
13735 Beamer Road, Houston

Review questions and answer section for more specific information.

Basic RiderCourse FAQs:

  • I've never ridden a motorcycle. Is this course for me? Absolutely! The Basic RiderCourse is designed for students who have not had much riding experience or who have never ridden a motorcycle at all.

  • When is payment due? Payments can be made up until the last business day before the class, but please note that registration is neither complete nor secure until payment has been made

  • What happens after I register for a class?  You will receive an email with a link to access the e-course. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of register and paying for the course, contact the Registration office at 281-542-2020.

  • What happens if I need cancel or reschedule my course? In the event you need to cancel or reschedule a class you have already registered for, you must do so by 11:00 am, the Friday prior to the weekend of your class, or you will forfeit your registration fee. 
  • What happens if it rains during the course? The course is held rain or shine! The instructor may stop or postpone the class if he or she deems it necessary in the event of dangerous weather conditions.

  • Are there any documents I need to fill out prior to the first day of class? Yes, click here to see required documents.

  • What will I need to bring to the course? 

    • Printed e-Course completion certificate
    • Driver’s license or learner’s permit with photo ID
    • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
    • Long pants (jeans or sturdy material with no holes, slits or tears
    • Full finger gloves. No rubber, latex, butyl or similar material allowed
    • Sturdy footwear that covers over-the-ankle with low heels (boots or high-top athletic are acceptable
    • Shatter resistant glasses
    • Helmet with DOT sticker if you have one.
    • Cold drinks/energy snacks/fruit
    • Towel or Bandana to keep cool in warm weather
    • Sun Block
    • Change of clothes in case it rains
    • Pen to write with

  • What happens if I am tardy to class or miss a portion of course? Tardiness or failure to attend all sessions of the course will result in loss of the entire course fee. No refunds or rescheduling will be granted

  • What happens if I am unable to keep up in the course? I understand there is a possibility I may be counseled out of the class by my RiderCoach because I have not been able to achieve the objectives of the range (riding) exercises for one of more of the following reasons: (1) I have exceeded the allotted learning time and have not demonstrated the needed skills to continue. (2) I have failed to abide by course safety and guidelines provided by my RiderCoach. If these situations occur, I understand that I forfeit the entire course fee.

  • Is there a guarantee that I will pass the course? No. To complete the course successful, students must pass a 25 question knowledge test, with a score of 80 or higher. The knowledge test assesses your comprehension of the information covered in the eCourse, as well as information covered during the classroom modules. In addition, students must pass an on-cycle skills evaluation which measures your ability to demonstrate basic motorcycle-control skills in low-speed maneuvers, braking, swerving, and cornering.
  • What is the retest policy, should I fail the course? Students who fail the knowledge test will be give one additional chance to retake the knowledge test. There are no retest for failure of the on-cycle riding skills evaluation. Tuition will be charged for repeating the course.

  • What type of motorcycles will we use during the course? We use Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki motorcycle models 250cc or less.

  • Does this course waive the written and driving portion of the DPS motorcycle test? Successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse should waive both the written and driving portions of the Texas DPS test, for those 18 and over. Students less than 18 years of age will still need to take the driving portion at the DMV.

  • What is minimum age I have to be to take the course? You must be 15 years of age or older, on the first day of class start in order to take the Basic RiderCourse. If you are less than 18 years of age you are also required to have:
  • Parental Permission:  Minors must have a parent’s or legal guardian’s permission to attend the motorcycle course. Such permission is considered granted when the parent signs the motorcycle course documents, which include waivers and Consent for Medical Treatment of a minor. The motorcycle course documents are provided by the RiderCoach Instructor the day of the motorcycle course, prior to class start, or can be filled out, signed and notarized ahead of time. Click here for a copy of the course documents if you would like to sign and have it notarized it before class. Minor can then bring the completed, signed and notarized form with him/her to submit to RiderCoach on the day of the course, prior to class start. 
  • Completion of Classroom Phase of Driver Education: You need to have completed the classroom phase of a driver education course before a motorcycle safety course can be taken. (The behind-the-wheel part of driver education course is not needed to take the motorcycle safety course. You may present form DE-964 as proof of Classroom Phase completion. This is the minimum requirement, so if you already have a Driver’s License Learner’s permit, or a Driver License you can present them instead.  

  • What are the requirements to obtain a motorcycle license for an adult after passing the course?  To obtain a Class M driver license, individuals must take an approved motorcycle safety course and bring the certificate of completion with them to the driver license office. If an individual has a valid motorcycle license from another state, DPS will waive the motorcycle safety course requirement.

Note: The Motorcycle Safety Course completion certificate is only valid for 24 months     from issuance.