Maritime Testimonials

My experience at San Jac was awesome. Ed and the other instructors didn’t come in and just teach. They made me understand what they were teaching. The laid-back environment was just what I needed to prep. I left San Jac with confidence and tested the next week. I went 6 for 6 ,3rd mate unlimited NC.


AJ Bolen, 3rd Mate NC

I did 5 days class for terrestrial Navigation and Plotting chart. For this short period of time I learned a lot. Very knowledgeable Instructor of course Capt. Ed Horton and resources is everything you need for the test prep. Also While I’m at home studying I can always call Capt. Ed if I want to clarify some stuff. I passed the test and got my 3rdmate Unlimited License for just 1 take. Very satisfied and I highly recommend to all who wants to take the test to become officers. Thank you and More power to all San Jacinto management and staff.

Best regards,

Mel Tadena, 3rd Mate

You have changed my life. Seriously. I had attempted to pass the 1600 mates exam a few years prior. I paid $3000.00 to take a 2-week class. Then, I walked into the test room and failed everything. It took a few years to want to try it again, and this time San Jac Maritime was the chosen one. I had heard about the test prep San Jac offered from a shipmate on the Sulphur Enterprise. He said his buddy went to you for chief mates prep and passed.

Fast forward a few months and I was sitting in your presence, getting kernels of knowledge sprinkled on my head. I’ll tell you this, math is not my strong suite, but you and San Jac broke it down to my level.

After 3 weeks with you, I walked into that room and passed 5 out of 6. That’s night and day different from my first failed attempt. I went back to the Sulphur Enterprise and studied nonstop for that last module and when I got home, I went in an killed it.

All thanks to you!

I had my license IN HAND in less than a week (no joke) and I was immediately promoted to mate on an ATB that Savage Marine runs. That’s where I’ve been ever since. I tell EVERYONE that is upgrading about you. If you can get me squared away, you can get anyone squared away!

Thank you, Ed and San Jac,

Mate Ryan Demianew

I received my STCW endorsement for STCW Master < 500GT NC today from the Coast Guard and wanted to thank the team at San Jacinto for the help on those assessments!

I was down in October taking all the classes I needed for my 2nd Mates / 1600 GT Master license renewal and also working on expanding the scope and upgrading my license. Ed Horton, John Kessler, Bill Ford, and John Gregg were all exceptionally helpful getting me up to speed and through the NVIC 03-14 assessments I needed to do. Your facilities (especially the library) are great and quite helpful.

The new firefighting simulator we used for classes was fantastic and I've highly recommended the school to folks at the Navy Reserve Force and MSC as a great option for training their folks.

Looking forward to continued efforts on further upgrades and classes this year with your teams help!

Best Regards,

Dan Miller

I cannot say enough good things about the license prep program at San Jac. Ed Horton went out of his way to provide structure, guidance, and valuable instruction. I was given piles of practice tests in each subject area, guidance and tips on using the CFR’s, and step by step instructions for completing T-nav and C-nav problems. Bill Ford brought me back to a working knowledge of advanced stability, and made himself available, as needed, to provide 1 on 1 tutoring. If you are in need of a quiet place to study with access to all publications, charts, plotting equipment, and personalized tutoring, then this will program will meet your needs; highly recommend.

John McMonagle, Chief Mate Unlimited Tonnage, 1600 Ton Master


I have been extremely satisfied with the level of caring and investment by everyone one of the instructors at San Jacinto College Maritime Campus. I have taken a variety of courses throughout the last few years from a one day BST revalidation to a study prep course for my mates license. All of the teaching staff take time to individually tailor the work to your needs. This was especially key during the study prep and Ed Horton and Bill Ford were amazing. They went well beyond the typical to be a available for questions and clarification. With the variety of classes, the excellent campus and scheduling options they will always be my first choice in the future.

Sincerely, Jennifer Dillon, 1600 Ton Mate

I recently completed my testing for my Chief Mates license and along with taking the vast majority of my classes the USCG required me to take to take to receive the license, I also spent two weeks doing test prep at the school prior to testing.

The knowledge that Ed Horton and the other faculty members bring to the table is invaluable. Whether it was their patience in showing me how to get through a tough problem or providing examples and break downs of how the problems were done, their help and guidance was pivotal in me passing my exams. Furthermore, their absolute investment in my own success was an immense confidence booster. Even during non-business hours, or on the weekend, I was able to reach out for help and Ed or his team were always eager to help me get through the problem. 

I believe that the environment the test prep room provides, with the relatively quiet atmosphere as well as having all the needed materials, is extremely helpful in the sense that you can wrap your head around what needs to be done without having the distractions of home or a public library, for example. The facilities on campus, be it the galley, vending machines, or big balconies to take a break on, make it an excellent place to go to study.

William Butler

My experience at San Jacinto College Maritime was great! During 2021, I was committed to completing my Chief Mate Unlimited license requirements and was able to benefit from their continuous course availability. San Jacinto not only provided the necessary courses but structure their curriculum around both USCG standards and industry expectations. Furthermore, the instructors committed themselves to ensuring the success of all students by providing thorough and helpful knowledge in regards to satisfying course requirements and how it applies to the USCG license exam. It was because of their attention to detail and meticulous instruction that awarded me the confidence to pass all nine Chief Mate Unlimited exams on the first attempt!

If you are looking for advancement in your career, look no further than San Jacinto College Maritime!

Richard Sholtis, Chief Mate Unlimited, 1600 Ton Master