If you have been admitted/re-admitted to San Jacinto College, or are a continuing student, you can register for classes online.

Dual Credit Students

If you are a dual credit student, you will need to see your high school counselor or the dual credit coordinator for registration.

We have counselors and educational planners who are more than happy to help you chart your course. Call 281-998-6150 to speak with someone or schedule a virtual appointment. Technical support and computer support is readily available.

To get started, log in or follow the registration steps below.


Log into SOS      Browse Course Finder


Online Registration Steps

Step 1

Log into SOS. To log in, enter your Student ID number (capital G with the assigned eight digit number). Enter the password you created when setting up your account. If you have not yet set up your account, please click here to do so now.

Step 2

Select My Registration under the "My Student Records" tab and follow the system prompts.

Select your desired registration term.

Step 3

Select Step 5, Register for Classes, and enter the CRN numbers for desired classes. Select Submit Changes to save the requested classes or to determine if there are registration restrictions.

Step 4

When the schedule is correct, select the View My Schedule link at the bottom of the page to have the system calculate the tuition and fees due. NOTE: Submitting changes will add charges if classes have started.

Step 5

Select View Fee Assessment and then select Student Account Suite button. Refer to Registration and Payment Schedule for payment deadlines.

Step 6

Be sure to print your schedule and/or payment confirmation before you exit the system and carefully check that it is correct. Late changes result in additional charges. To see your schedule and fees, click on "Print Options - Schedule/Fee Bill."