Annual Security Report

Annual Security Report (Printable PDF)

Annual Security Report


Sabrina Naulings

Each August, San Jacinto College welcomes a new assortment of students. Some are recent high school graduates or dual credit students who are beginning their studies toward earning degrees. Others are pursuing education and training in technical fields that will lead to certification and employment in their selected career paths, and some are looking to change their careers with new skill sets. Whatever your goals, the San Jacinto College Police Department is here to provide you with a safe and secure learning environment.

San Jacinto College is comprised of highly educated faculty and a strong, professional staff who support the mission of the College. The police department is no exception. Our police officers and telecommunications personnel meet the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements for licensed peace officers and telecommunicators, and many carry higher levels of certification. The College is selective in hiring police officers to work on the San Jacinto College campuses. Our police officers reflect the community they serve. Many have years of varied law enforcement experience, and others are first-time police officers developing a strong sense of community service. In either case, they provide a high level of caring and professional service to the San Jacinto College community.

The police department uses video surveillance of parking areas on the San Jacinto College campuses and the district administration office to enhance safety and provide documentation of activity occurring in the public spaces of the College. This video surveillance system is both a deterrent to criminal activity and a tool for investigating crimes that may occur. The video surveillance system complements the blue light emergency phones and the emergency telephones in all College elevators that ring to the San Jacinto College police communications center. The communications center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with highly trained telecommunicators who coordinate the flow of information for services between the members of the community and the police personnel on the campuses.

Although the College provides a well-staffed, trained and professional police department to keep the campuses safe, your safety and security at the College begins with you. Please be aware of the activity around you and contact the San Jacinto College Police Department if you are concerned about your safety or have an unsafe condition to report. Simply call 5555 from any College phone, use a blue light emergency or elevator phone, or call 281-476-9128 from your cell phone. True safety on campus is a partnership between you and us.

Sabrina Naulings, Chief of Police
San Jacinto College
8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, Texas 77505 | 281-542-2064


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