• Students must bring their San Jac Student ID to all facilities/events. (If the student does not have an ID, they will not be permitted to participate; IDs are issued through Student Services on Central Campus (Building 27).
  • All Rec Sports facilities/events are free o   f   charge.
  • All sports are open to men, women, and co-ed teams.

"In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972 of the Higher Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and other applicable Federal and State Acts, the Board of Trustees of the San Jacinto College hereby adopts a policy assuring that no one shall, on the grounds of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or qualified disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination in any program or activity of the college. The San Jacinto College is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes students and employees without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or qualified disability."





Since participation in the Campus Rec Program is on a voluntary basis, neither the college nor the Campus Rec Department will accept responsibility for injuries sustained during practice or participation in the Campus Rec Program. However, all injuries should be reported to the Director or his representative immediately.



  1. All students officially enrolled in San Jacinto College Central are eligible to participate in the Campus Rec Program.
    • EXCEPTION: Those students who have ever represented any college in a varsity sport or semi-professional sport are ineligible to participate in that sport.
  2. The Campus Rec Program welcomes properly registered part-time students.
  3. Any irregularity concerning persons excused from the regular physical education program will be charged against the individual player, who will be considered an ineligible player.
  4. A team shall forfeit any event in which it uses an ineligible player.
  5. Participation in tournaments is entirely voluntary.
  6. Organization Campus Rec Managers will be responsible for all participants from their group.
  7. Upon approval of the Director, organizations not having enough members in their own group may combine with another organization to form a team.
  8. A student may play on only one team at a time.
  9. A physical exam is recommended, but not required.
  10. If a team does not have the minimum amount of players to start a game, they may continue play being short that player. (Ex: flag football 4 on a team- team only has 3 players- that team can play).



  1. All games in the team sports events will be scheduled by the Campus Rec office.
  2. All scores must be turned into the Campus Rec office and recorded.
  3. All team sport tournaments will be round robin.



  1. Only protest concerning eligibility and rules will be allowed.
  2. Protests concerning the judgment of an official will not be allowed.
  3. Protests concerning the rules of a contest or eligibility must be made on the field of play during the contest to the head official. Do not wait until the contest is completed to register a protest. A protest must be typed and submitted to the Campus Rec office before 5 p.m. the next school day.
  4. All protests must be filed with the Campus Rec Director.
  5. The Campus Rec Director and the Campus Rec Council will meet and decide on all protest.



  1. If a team or contestant fails to appear at the appointed place and fails to be ready to play 15 minutes after the scheduled time, the contest will be forfeited to the opponent. If neither team is ready, both will forfeit. Should both teams be unable to play 15 minutes from scheduled game time the result will be a double forfeit.
  2. Forfeited contests will not be rescheduled.
  3. Any two forfeits will result in the team being dropped from the league or tournament.



  1. Requests for postponements should be made at least one day before game time.
  2. Inclement weather and school functions will be considered logical causes for postponements.
  3. No postponements will be made because of the absence of team members.
  4. The Director of the Campus Rec Department will be the judge of postponements.



Rules of personal conduct: Any person who commits, attempts to commit, incites, or aids others in committing any of the following acts of misconduct shall be subject to disciplinary procedures by the Campus Rec Office. Team captains, team managers, or coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and are, therefore, subject to the same disciplinary actions as the guilty party.

  1. Player or spectator hits or strikes an official: Indefinite suspension, minimum of one year, effective immediately.
  2. Player hits another player: Indefinite suspension, minimum one year, effective immediately.
  3. Threatening behavior (verbal or physical) toward an official: Indefinite suspension, minimum remainder of that sports season.
  4. Player verbally abuses an official: Indefinite suspension until that player meets with the Campus Rec Director, minimum suspension for the sports season.
  5. If a player is ejected from a game, he is suspended indefinitely from all intramural competition, and will report the next day to the Campus Rec Director with his team captains. The team involved may not be permitted to continue to participate in that sport if the player’s conduct is not satisfactory.
  6. Additional disciplinary action may be taken as outlined in the Student Handbook.
  7. If a player is ejected from a game, he/she must vacate the area immediately. No matter if the player is waiting on ride, etc. The player is given 2 minutes to collect their belongings and must vacate the area.