Frequently Asked Questions


If you need verification of attendance, let one of the employees at the front desk know. We have a form that we can fill out for you to give to your professor.

Free Tutoring

The Student Success Center is a center that conducts different types of tutoring for various subjects such as Math, English, Sciences and many more for FREE!


The Student Success Center provides free computer usage for academic purposes.

The Student Success Center is free for all students of San Jacinto College. Students need only bring their student ID to utilize tutoring services. Students will need to sign in at the front desk before receiving help.

The Student Success Center is a drop-in tutoring facility where you can study independently or in small groups. Tutors are available to assist you with any question that you may have. Tutors will share knowledge and learning strategies with students. Since a tutor's job is to supplement instruction, students can expect tutors to explain concepts behind problems, ask questions, and make suggestions. Tutors will not complete a student's work or edit written assignments.

When you first enter the Student Success Center, the front desk staff will ask to see your student ID and will assist you with logging in.

The tutors will rotate among students. The tutors will also ask you questions and make suggestions.

The purpose of tutoring is to help students help themselves and to assist or guide them to the point at which they become independent, successful learners.

  • Bring your work and any questions you have.
  • Try to sit with others from your class so that you can work together and assist each other wherever possible.
  • The tutor will come to each student. Have work to do in case you need to wait.

A peer tutor shares knowledge and learning strategies with students. The basic role of a tutor is to supplement instruction. Tutors do not make judgments on the quality of the student’s work. Tutors do not teach; instead they assist students in understanding various academic concepts.

Tutors can

  • explain concepts and writing strategies
  • discuss your work on a problem to see if you understand the basic process for problem solving
  • model problem-solving skills
  • aid in locating resources to assist you with concepts

Tutors cannot

  • do the student’s homework
  • teach new material to students
  • help with take-home quizzes or tests without written permission from the instructor
  • grade or estimate a grade for a student’s work
  • Visit the Student Success Center as soon as you run into difficulties. The sooner you tackle a problem, the easier it is to solve.
  • Prepare for your tutoring session. Read your text; come with questions in mind that you need help with.
  • Bring your textbook, syllabus, tests, notes and handouts, your current assignment, and previous papers or other work—anything and everything you would bring to class!
  • Remember some days and times are very busy. Plan your visits and don’t wait until the last minute to see a tutor before a test or assignment is due.

While visiting the center, you can check out or use the following:

  • Computers
  • Study Rooms
  • Calculators (to be used while checked in for tutoring, calculators can also be checked out from the library)
  • Dry erase markers
  • Microscope & Slides
  • Bone sets for Anatomy & Physiology
  • Rock sets and maps for Geology

If you need verification of attendance, let one of the employees at the front desk know. We have a form that we can fill out for you to give to your professor.