Educational Planning Resources

Educational Planning, Counseling & Completion provides comprehensive services to help students with educational planning, career and personal development, and short-term personal counseling.

The purpose of Educational Planning is to create a collaborative learning experience that empowers students to maximize their potential while completing their educational goals. This process involves a series of ongoing and intentional conversations between the student and an Educational Planner that establishes a pathway to student success and the realization of educational, career, and life goals.

Career Counseling promotes an opportunity for students to explore their personality, interests, and values, which are important factors in choosing a career. In addition, the college offers innovative web-based tools for career exploration. Professional counselors are available to help students evaluate the results of these web-based guidance systems. Short-term personal counseling is available to assist students in dealing with personal issues such as transition to college, study skills, family issues, and referrals to social services in the community.