Open Books FAQs


Open Books FAQs

Any student that is currently enrolled at San Jacinto College can enroll in an available Open Books course.

The Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies, the Associate of Science Degree in General Studies, and the Associate of Arts Transfer Degree in Business can be completed with Open Books courses.

Yes, if you have internet access at home.  If you do not, you can visit any campus location and use one of the many computers available for student use OR connect to the on-campus wifi.

Although course materials are provided electronically, students enrolled in an Open Books courses can still obtain printed materials.

  • Open Books Courses (no cost): Students can purchase a copy from the campus Print / Mail Center for $0.02 per page.
  • Open Books Plus Courses (cost included tuition):
    • Students who opt-out before the scheduled opt-out deadline may purchase a printed copy from the campus bookstore.
    • Students who opt-in and would like to purchase a printed copy, may do so at the campus bookstore, after the scheduled opt-out deadline.

Students enrolled in an Open Books Plus course should first contact their faculty if they need help accessing content. For support assistance beyond what the faculty can provide, students should contact the Bookstore as the next point of contact.

When the student enrolls in an Open Books Plus course at San Jacinto College, they should automatically be provided an account with the publisher. To be able to access that account the faculty member must link their Blackboard course to the publishers online content. This is generally done through details provided to the faculty by the publisher or by division's faculty leader. There is a course menu button in Blackboard courses named "Course Materials Info". This serves two purposes.

  1. For Open Books Plus courses this is where a student would opt out (or opt back in) to the Open Books Plus program before the set opt out date.
  2. For non-Open Books Plus courses this provides students with a link to information on the adopted materials for that specific course.