You will be assigned a generated student ID number (i.e. G00123456), also known as your G number.

Your student ID card may be obtained in the Admissions Office after you have submitted payment for your classes. Be sure to bring a paid fee slip and be ready to take a picture. There is no charge for your initial student ID; however there is a $10 replacement fee.

The Secure Online System (SOS) is a secure system for students that allow you to register for mandatory New Student Orientation, register for classes, apply for and monitor financial aid, check your grades, add and drop classes, access the class schedule and catalog, and obtain unofficial transcripts and degree evaluations.

SOS Admissions Checklist

Parking permits are free and available in the Business Office. In order to receive your parking permit, you will need your paid fee slip, your license plate number and your SJC Student ID or state issued ID. 

Class schedules are available online. As a college student, you create your own schedule. However, first time San Jacinto College students are required to visit with an admissions advisor to ensure that you are registering for the correct classes.

First, you need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at You must input San Jacinto College’s school code (003609). Once you fill out this information, the Department of Education will send your Estimated Family Contribution to San Jacinto College. This will determine your financial need. You will receive a letter from San Jacinto College notifying you of your eligibility. It is recommended that you start the financial aid process as early as possible to ensure priority funding.

You can register until the day before a class begins. There is no late registration. Check the San Jac website for the most current dates and deadlines.

Yes, there are payment deadlines. If a student does not pay by the deadline, classes will be dropped. If you have financial aid or scholarships, it is your responsibility to make sure your classes have been paid for.

If a student does not pay by the deadline, classes will be dropped. However, if a student has financial aid or scholarships, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure classes are dropped.

You can purchase books at the campus bookstore or online at For online orders, you have the first choice of used textbooks (a 25% savings when you buy used) and the option of in-home delivery or on-campus pickup. You will need your class schedule to purchase your books.

The building and room numbers for your classes are listed on your class schedule. Be sure to find your classrooms before your first day of classes. You may also want to allow extra time for parking on the first day of class to allow you time to park and find your classroom.

First, check your class schedule to ensure you are on the right campus at the right time on the right day. Second, check your course with your schedule to make sure they match. Then, check to see if there is a sign on the door indicating a cancelled class. If there is a sign, make sure the sign is for your class and not another class. If there is still a concern, students can go to the Admissions Office for assistance.

Ex: HIST 1301.111

The first digit represents the college level:

0 = Developmental

1 = Freshman (This is a Freshman level class)

2 = Sophomore

The second digit represents the credits / hours:

(This is a 3 credit hour class)

The last three digits represent the section number of the class.

A syllabus lists the goals of the class, instructor expectations, instructor contact information, list of materials, grade distribution and suggested activities / assignments. It is very important to keep the syllabus accessible throughout the semester.

Sign up for SJC AlertMe in your SOS account to be notified by voice or text message of campus closures. You may also call the college’s emergency response notification hotline at 866.504.5853, check the San Jacinto College website at or your local news stations for campus closure information.

The final exam schedule is available online. You will also receive more specific information on your syllabus.

There are several places you can go for help. The Student Success Center offers assistance with study skills through tutoring or locating resources necessary for academic success. You may also contact the Center for Student Development for more information.

Yes, tutoring is available in the Student Success Center on each campus. The Student Success Center can be found on the first floor of the library.

Use the WEPA cloud based printing service. Open the file on the computer, then select "File" then "Print." Select “WEPA-BW” or “WEPA-COLOR” then press “OK” to proceed. Use your G# and password to log in. If using a personal computer use your as your username. Once logged in, your uploaded file(s) will appear on the screen. Tap the files you want to print. Tap the "Credit Card" or "WEPA Account" button as your payment method and swipe your card to pay for prints. You can pick up your prints at ANY kiosk on campus. For more information visit:

The open computer lab and the library offer self-serve copy service. Print cards can also be used for copies in the open computer lab, however the library is cash only.

No, there is not a fax machine on campus for student use. There are several surrounding businesses that have fax services.

San Jacinto College does not mail grades. Grades are available on the Secure Online System (SOS).

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the class has been dropped before the withdrawal deadline. If you do not withdraw, you may receive an FX in the class for excessive absences.

Once a class has been repeated, the higher grade will replace the lower grade in your GPA (only at San Jacinto College). However, the grade remains on the transcript indefinitely.

Withdrawing from class must be done by the deadline each semester in order to receive a “W” (withdraw) on your transcripts. Check the San Jac website for the most current dates and deadlines. After this date, a student will receive an F for the class. Specific dates for each term are available online.

Each campus has a different location. Be sure to check with your specific campus.

Blackboard is a Web-based class management system that supports student and instructor communication by allowing the posting and sharing of documents, external links to web resources, and class discussion boards along with other helpful communication tools. Blackboard is not used just for distance learning.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to meet with the Accessibility Services Counselor located in the Educational Planning, Counseling and Completion office to discuss eligibility and possible accommodations. Documentation is required. More information can be accessed at the following link:

  1. Go to, go to Student Records and Request Official Transcript.
  2. To request a transcript in person, bring a photo ID to the Educational Planning, Counseling & Completion office .  These requests are normally filled immediately, however there may be longer processing time during peak registration periods.  If the student desires for someone else to pick up the transcript, that person needs the student's written permission (name, student's generated ID number, and signature plus the name of the authorized individual) as well as his/her own picture ID.
  3. Students may send a written request to the Records Management office for an official transcript.  The request for an official transcript should include the student's name, name while enrolled at San Jacinto College, student's generated ID number or Social Security number, date of birth, dates of attendance, address to which the transcript is to be mailed, a signature and a copy of his/her picture ID.  Except during registration periods, processing and mailing of transcripts should be completed within two work days of receipt of the request.  There is no charge for transcripts.